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About Us
Our History
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The story of Palmetto Community Care starts in the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Initially we were only a satellite office working on behalf of an AIDS service based out of Columbia, South Carolina.
In 1991 we made the decision to become a separate organization to better serve the Lowcountry and formed Lowcountry AIDS Services.
It was little more than a house, but the passion of those early days still reverberates through all that we do.
Our nascent revention program was not at the level it is today, it was more of a collaborative effort with other organizations as well as local government.
One of our storied events that many remember fondly was “Dining with Friends.” That marquee event took place for 25 years. “Shopping with Friends” was also later launched and was a huge hit for over 10 years.
as well as grow our prevention program into the successful model we have today and to move beyond just HIV to cover other sexually transmitted infections that increase chances of contracting HIV.
In May of 2016 we rebranded to become the organization that you know today – Palmetto Community Care.
These recent additions to our scope of work continue to help drive our mission of not only serving those with HIV but our work toward ending the epidemic.
The epidemic was still a death sentence for those we helped and our staff and volunteers did their best to help ease the pain and suffering of those we served.
As a stand alone 501(c)3 nonprofit organization we started expanding and moved into our first office, which at that time was on the old North Charleston Navy Base.
During those early days we had eight full time employees and that is when we began offering medical case management services.
However, we began to grow and as we grew so did the level of support that we could provide. We were also able to start some of our most iconic fundraisers which further helped us grow as we raised money to expand our services to clients.
Following the success of these fundraising events we were able to invest in a new office space (our current location on Meeting Street Road).
More recently we have gone through some minor transformations as an organization to help better serve the needs of our clients and community.
In 2018 we also launched our successful PrEP program to help make access and understanding of HIV prevention easier and more accessible for high risk populations.
We are proud of how far we have come and how much we have grown to help assist our clients and our entire community here in the Lowcountry.
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About Us
Our Mission

We believe no one living with HIV or AIDS should go without medical care, everyday resources and emotional support.

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