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What resources are available?

Our success stories are a result of the care and the resources that we work hard to make available to our clients.

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Support Groups
The support you need to manage the emotional impact

Learning that you have HIV will impact and change your life. In the days, weeks, months, and years after you learn of your HIV-positive status, it is expected that you will experience all kinds of emotions, including anger, shock, sadness, or even denial, in some cases. You may also struggle with depression. Our support groups provide a safe space to discuss the challenges of living with HIV and learn new skills to help you succeed.


Medical Case Management
The support you need to live life more fully

Case management is a process by which staff works with clients to develop individualized service plans for managing multiple challenges of living with HIV -- whether those are mental well-being, financial or medically related. The goal is for all clients to become self-sufficient, live with dignity and ensure they have a strong support system.


Pharmacy Services
Avita has expertise in HIV, PrEP, HCV, and LGBTQ+ care.

Avita Pharmacy is proud to partner with Palmetto Community Care to provide community focused specialty pharmacy care. Working together, both organizations are able to achieve their missions by providing the best possible care to those who are affected by or living with a complex health condition.


Truesdale Medical Center
Here for You, Now.

Research shows that individuals who have a deep, trusting relationship with medical providers are healthier in general, both physically and mentally. Our staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, and welcoming. We’re here to help you.

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The support you need to manage the emotional impact

Some side effects of some HIV treatment can cause dental problems, and those with HIV may find themselves at a higher risk for other oral health ailments. We have a portfolio of dental specialists that can work with you to ensure that your dental health is addressed when necessary.

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Your emotional and mental health is very important.

At Palmetto Community Care we recognize the many different types of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem or personality disorders. Mental health is important for everyone, but we know that living with HIV can cause additional worries. We can help you to find a program that enhances your mental wellbeing. We also know that substance abuse can be a stumbling block for some in their work toward managing HIV. Our medical case managers stand at the ready to help clients access substance abuse programs and services.

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Legal Aid
Palmetto Community Care offers clients basic legal services

Clients can meet with local attorneys, at no charge, to discuss a wide range of legal subjects, including wills, powers of attorney, landlord/tenant issues, health insurance and domestic legal issues.

Palmetto Community Care’s free legal clinic is led by Chase Law Firm LLC in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

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Housing & Utilities
The stability you need during changing times

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance program, modeled after Section 8 assistance, provides a limited number of long-term rental assistance vouchers for individuals and families that are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Our team knows that stable housing is an extremely important component to managing HIV. To that end, medical case managers work with clients to address housing related issues and offer support, guidance and some financial assistance for those who qualify.

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We will get you covered.

Palmetto Community Care has the necessary links to insurance organizations to ensure that you can access medical assistance and maintain your health and well-being. Our team will lead you through the entire process to ensure that your medical coverage is a priority.

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