The Banner Year of 2021

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic. Subsequently, South Carolina ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses. Determined to provide essential services to the many clients that depend on the agency, we quickly and strategically pivoted the agency in a way that was more comprehensive, proactive, and adaptable than at any time during my 20 years with Palmetto Community Care. We at no point as an organization shut down or discontinued services. Despite the pandemic, we sustained and grew as an organization by servicing more individuals in our community.

According to Charity Navigator, the typical non-profit spends approximately 25% on administrative expenses each year. Yet Palmetto Community Care spends 95 cents of every dollar on programs and services. With consistent leadership and oversight, the agency continues to maintain administrative expenses of less than 5% annually. Numbers do not mean everything but they do serve as the vital signs of an agency, painting a larger picture of health. Here are some comparative statistics to not only paint that picture, but illustrate the incredible growth of PCC over the years:

  • In 2019-2021 the prevention program performed over 12,200 STI tests. More than 500 persons tested positive for STIs and were referred to medical care. A total of 106 new PrEP patients were enrolled in the 340B program.
  • Medical Case Management provided over 42,000 direct services for clients over the three-year period. These services include medication assistance, nutritional support, legal services, housing assistance, insurance co-pays, deductibles, etc.
  • Housing and utility assistance increased by 45% from 2019 to 2021. These vital services prevent homelessness and offer stable housing so our clients can focus on their medical needs and remain medically compliant.
  • In 2019, the agency paid $692,758.00 for medical insurance coverage compared to $1,099,939.00 paid in 2021. By focusing on a vital need, we enrolled more clients in the program, increasing premium payments by 59%. Access to health care ensures a better quality of life for our clients and reaches the ultimate goal of viral suppression.
  • PCC was selected to participate in the Federal Ending HIV Epidemic (EHE) Grant Pilot project through DHEC for prevention services. We received funding to implement the programs for $149,000 through a competitive grant award. These additional funds are a 56% increase to the agency’s prevention budget.
  • The agency was awarded a new Emerging Community Ryan White grant and received the Federal EHE Grant Linkage to Care for $138,000 for the next three years. These funds are designed to link newly diagnosed individuals to case management services, medical care, and mental health services.

It’s a new day, and we are no longer the small non-profit around the corner.  Our communities need us, and we must plan accordingly.

Please take a moment to Review our 2021 Annual Report and and learn more about last year’s projects and our impact in the Charleston community.

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