Our success stories are a result of the care and the resources that we work hard to make available to our clients.

Support Groups

The support you need to manage the emotional impact

Learning that you have HIV will impact and change your life. Our support groups provide a safe space to discuss the challenges of living with HIV and learn new skills to help you succeed.

Medical Case Management

The support you need to live life more fully

Our staff works with clients to develop individualized service plans for managing life with HIV so clients can become self-sufficient, live with dignity, and have a strong support system.

Pharmacy Services

Avita has expertise in HIV, PrEP, HCV, and LGBTQ+ care

Our partner Avita Pharmacy provides community-focused specialty pharmacy care to provide the best possible care to those who are affected by or living with a complex health condition.

Truesdale Medical Center

Your full-service primary care and medical provider

Research shows that individuals who have a deep, trusting relationship with medical providers are healthier in general, both physically and mentally. Our staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, and welcoming. We’re here to help you.


The support you need to manage the emotional impact

Side effects of some HIV treatments can cause dental problems, and those with HIV may find themselves at a higher risk for other oral health ailments. We have a portfolio of dental specialists that can work with you to ensure that your dental health is addressed when necessary.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Your emotional and mental health is very important

Mental health is important for everyone, but we know that living with HIV can cause additional worries. Our medical case managers stand at the ready to help clients access substance abuse programs and services.

Housing & Utilities

The stability you need during changing times

Our team knows that stable housing is an extremely important component of managing HIV. To that end, medical case managers work with clients to address housing-related issues and offer support, guidance, and some financial assistance for those who qualify.


We will get you covered

Palmetto Community Care has the necessary links to insurance organizations to ensure that you can access medical assistance and maintain your health and well-being. Our team will lead you through the entire process to ensure that your medical coverage is a priority.