2022 Annual Report

How your generosity continues to impact this community

Palmetto Community Care (PCC) had a banner year in 2022 in more ways than one.
Our annual fundraising events came back in full force after a two-year COVID hiatus.
The agency’s digital footprint continues to expand so our message can be shared and
services offered across the Tricounty area. Our prevention department launched a statewide
at-home HIV testing program, which was successfully met. Truesdale Medical
Center continues to grow, bringing our space to capacity. We will soon hire additional
medical and mental health providers to help meet the growing need in our community.

The past year has been in preparation for the next stages in the evolution of Palmetto Community Care. Soon, our limited capacity will not be a hindrance. As we write and prepare this report, the new all-in-one location for Palmetto Community Care, Truesdale Medical Center, and our partner pharmacy, AVITA, is being remodeled and made ready for our June 2023 occupancy. The new facility will house a staff of over 30 and offer caring, quality HIV prevention and supportive services, including medical and mental health services, to those living in the tri-county area. We are excited about the continued growth of Palmetto Community Care and to see what the future brings!

Bradley Childs, Chief Executive Officer

PCC is committed to addressing HIV-related health disparities and increasing the number of HIV-positive individuals who know their status, are linked to and retained in medical care, and who achieve viral load suppression. Our service model is closely aligned with the steps along the HIV Care Continuum and the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. By offering a full range of testing, linkage, medical case management and referrals to medical care and supportive services, we have been extremely successful in achieving these goals. achieving optimal health outcomes.