Black History Month

(Written By: Hercules Brown, Prevention Manager, Palmetto Community Care)

February is finally here, and it’s time for us to celebrate the incredible journey and achievements of the Black community. 

Did you know that Black History Month was created to honor the contributions, resilience, and rich cultural heritage of African Americans?  It all started back in 1926 when historian Carter G. Woodson initiated “Negro History Week,” which later evolved into the month-long celebration we know today.

Black History Month serves as a powerful reminder of the countless trailblazers who have shaped history and continue to inspire us. 

Throughout this month, let’s take the time to learn, appreciate, and amplify the stories that often go untold. It’s an opportunity for us to educate ourselves, challenge biases, and foster a more inclusive world. Together, we can promote equality, justice, and respect for all.

Join us in celebrating Black His and Her Story Month by sharing stories, supporting Black-owned businesses, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Let’s honor the past, embrace the present, and build a brighter future together. 

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