Our Divine Divas

We all know that a winner is never a straight line and everyone has a ball at Gay Bingo each year – but did you know we have a new way our supporters are participating as part of the spectacle at this year’s Gay Bingo? We are launching our Divine Divas initiative (or Project Double D as we affectionately call it) where these amazing people you’ll find below will all be drag stars for a night and help us as we raise money for life-saving programs and services at Palmetto Community Care! You will see our Divas helping throughout the night, fundraising for Palmetto Community Care and performing an amazing choreographed number!
We are so excited to welcome our Divine Divas into this Lipstick and Leather party! So, pucker up and kiss your expectations goodbye because this year’s Divas are going to blow you away!

The Divine Divas Gallery

Check out our Divas and help them as they raise money to fight HIV/AIDS! Pictures and Bios are coming soon!