Building Demo Complete

Blank Slate Ready for Renovation

Two months ago today, we announced the purchase of the old T&T Sportsman’s Building located at 5064 Rivers avenue. Since that day, work has continued as we prepare the building for an exceptional transformation.

“The future is brighter than ever when I think about all the possibilities this new location will provide. This newly remodeled facility will house an all-in-one location for administration, medical case management, testing, prevention, medical care, mental health services, and an on-site pharmacy!”

Bradley Childs, Chief Executive Officer at Palmetto Community Care

First, contractors safely removed and abated all of the asbestos on the property. Then, after inspections ensured a complete abatement, the demolition crew started in earnest to create the blank slate you see now.

What happens next?

After architects, designers and PCC representatives finalize themes, aesthetics and blueprints, the fun part starts! Construction begins, walls go up, exteriors painted, and dreams turn into realities! In the meantime, we can imagine together how the final product will look! Can you see it?

Avita Pharmacy and Truesdale Medical Center

The front door opens into a main lobby. Just ahead of you lies the Avita pharmacy and their lobby. Next, the door to your right opens to reveal a lobby leading to Truesdale Medical Center and Palmetto Community Care’s Testing and Prevention Clinic. Through these doors, clients and community members will find well appointed exam rooms for all their medical needs. TMC and Avita pharmacy will be available not only to those clients of PCC or people living with HIV/AIDS. Anyone looking for a primary care facility can call TMC their medical home. From same day/acute illness visits to infectious diagnosis, gyneocological services, HRT and PrEP, TMC provides experienced, knowledgeable, and welcoming medical and mental health care to all people.

Palmetto Community Care

Go back to the main lobby and look to your left. Another lobby gives way to all of the services PCC offers to the community. Medical Case Management offices provide space medical case managers to meet privately with their clients and provide whatever support or resources they need. Peer Adherence Educators and Outreach Specialists each have the space they need to offer their gifts and skills. Each square foot strategically designed to play its part in eradicating HIV/AIDS in this community. Can you see it?

Next Steps

Ok, so maybe not everyone can imagine how an empty 23,000 square foot transforms into a pharmacy, medical clinic, and AIDS service organization. Don’t worry! We will be back with periodic updates, pictures and virtual tours.

“It’s always exciting to see buildings like this being repurposed. Even more so when you think about the services that are going to be offered, not just for those living with HIV/AIDS, but having a medical clinic offering primary care and mental health services to the public is going to be an exceptional addition to this community.”

Keith Summey, North Charleston Mayor

As Mayor Summey said, repurposing buildings is an exciting process. We want you to walk with us on each leg of this journey! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you don’t miss a thing! Of course, we welcome all financial support. Your support and generosity allows us to do the work that we do! So if you’d like to contribute to this transformation, please visit our “ways to give” website and contact Richard Reams today. Thank you for who you are and your continued support of Palmetto Community Care!