Why should I come to Palmetto Community Care?

We recently sat down with some of our clients to hear from them about the services they’ve received and why they would recommend Truesdale Medical Center and Palmetto Community Care. Here’s what they had to say!

Holiday Testing Hours

Thinking about coming in for that fast and free HIV/STI test you’ve been putting off? Be sure to check out our modified testing hours over the holidays! Normal hours will resume on January 2nd! #starttalkinghiv #starttalkingprep #starttalkingstophiv #starttalkingtesting #StartTalking #StopHIV #StopHIVStigma #stophivstigma #StopHIVTogether

What You Need to Know About a HIV Test

We provide free HIV testing at Palmetto Community Care, administering more than 100 tests each month. Our services are critical in the fight against HIV. Too many people (about 1 in 5) are living with HIV and don’t know it. That means they may very likely be unknowingly spreading the disease. About 50,000 people are… Continue reading What You Need to Know About a HIV Test

3 Reasons People Avoid a HIV Test

Why do people avoid HIV tests? People seek out the annual flu shot, women get annual mammograms, many more get cholesterol screenings and have their blood sugar checked. People think nothing of these routine health checks. So why not apply the same logic to getting a HIV test? The Centers for Disease Control estimates that… Continue reading 3 Reasons People Avoid a HIV Test

Could You Be At Risk for HIV?

Many people may not think they need an HIV test because they don’t believe they are at risk. They may think HIV affects only gay men or drug users, but the truth is anyone who is sexually active is at risk for HIV. HIV transmission occurs via bodily fluids, including blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, rectal… Continue reading Could You Be At Risk for HIV?